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Transform Schooling Into Something Fun and Interactive With Our Website Designs and Apps


At Aan24, our team of professional website designers and coders work to get your school creative and longlasting websites and mobile apps that are equally interesting as they are informative.
Due to a dynamic interface and functionalities, children, teachers and parents won’t find any kind of problem in using them.

We would like to highlight following points:-

    One Time Initial Set up "Free of Cost"
  • Customization, Implementation & Installation is free to Institute
  • " Free of Cost" Training will be conducted for institute staff and administration in your premises
  • Dedicated support and direct to call number
  • We have inbuilt SMS, GPS, Notification add-on feature etc
  • Custom module available

What Do You Get With Us?

At Aan24, we can build you the kind of websites and apps that fit every budget size and also at the same time resonates with the vision of your school. Our designs are always simple yet voice their presence in the most concise manner.
Our industry experts make sure to build the whole user experience and design for you. So, with us, you can expect a customized
School Website. We take full responsibility of getting you a stunning website made for your school loaded with all the necessary features. It will help the faculty and students alike to remain informed regarding any update associated with the school along with various other things.
Mobile App for Your School. Need a mobile app that best suits the motto and theme of your school at affordable pricing? Aan24 has some of the best minds in the industry who can help you get a great end product with all the integrated functionalities and features that you desire as per your needs.
School ERP System. We offer technically advanced products and services so that our clients don’t face any error and glitch while using them. We all know that managing schools is not an easy task at all and requires great focus. Because of this one might face some challenges. However, this is where our automated School ERP system can help you.

Features Includes

We have developed several successful projects for various schools in India. Our software apps are perfect tools for schools that need to manage large amounts of data on multiple platforms, including web browsers or desktop computers. Our software includes the following features:
1. An online student database that allows teachers to keep track of students’ attendance, grades, etc.
3. An attendance log that shows if a student is absent or not present at school during any given period.
2. A teacher database that allows teachers to keep track of their student's progress, assignments, grades, and so on.
4. A teacher report which gives detailed information about each student including his/her progress in class, assignments completed, etc.
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  • Web Based App
  • Application
Our web-based application allows schools to manage their daily activities via an internet connection. The school management system has been designed to make the entire process of managing schools easier and more efficient. It also offers an opportunity for schools to create customized reports based on the data collected from these systems.
Our school management system software development enables you to keep track of all students, staff, parents, and guardians along with other relevant information such as student absenteeism, overdue books, etc., which make it easy for you to make decisions or take any action required for each situation.
Our apps allow teachers to see at a glance how students are performing throughout the school day so they can make adjustments as needed.

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